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When our relationships are going well, we tend to feel strong, supported and more able to reach our life goals. On the other hand, when our relationships are not going well, our world can be filled with feelings of insecurity and doubt. Relationships play a huge role in our daily happiness and feelings of contentment (or unhappiness and discontentment).

Relationships can bring up many of our insecurities and trigger our deepest fears. Part of the work I do in Couples Therapy  is to help you understand yourself and your partner better.  The way we relate to others is often rooted in unconscious relational patterns and/or beliefs about ourselves combined with how we took in the world on our  journey to adulthood. It is in finding the delicate balance between both people in a relationship that we can gain clarity around the relational patterns occurring. Together we can examine the needs and desires of both partners in the relationship and find a path that works for you.

My office is a private and safe space for you to better understand your relationship, express feelings and vulnerabilities, learn new ways of coping, find new ways to communicate and/or learn how to better utilize your strengths as a couple. 

Some of the areas that I can help couples with include: 

Communication Skills

Conflict Resolution

Infidelity Recovery

Rebuilding Trust

Unresolved Anger

Getting to the root of repeated arguments

Life Transitions as a Couple 

Feeling 'Stuck'


Anxiety & Worry

Working with Boundaries
Grief & Loss Issues

Family of Origin issues

Self-Esteem & Confidence

Chronic Pain/Caretaking

Feelings of Shame

Stress Management

Substance Abuse

Social & Professional Challenges

& other concerns

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