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Individual Counseling

Counseling is about you and your goals. I will follow your lead and walk alongside you as we discover your path of healing and/or change.


I have found that very often our thinking can have a huge effect on how we feel and inevitably how we behave or react to life situations. If your thoughts have become negative or self-critical, together we can increase awareness around those thoughts and learn what triggers these thinking patterns. Then, with awareness we can begin to implement new strategies to help you work with negative or painful thoughts. Mindfulness (staying present) and learning to turn towards our emotions rather than away are also approaches that are helpful to learn (or re-learn) when we find ourselves in hard times. These methods are just a peek into how I work with clients - there are certainly lots of ways to help. The approaches I list here are useful but are not a one-size fits all... what works for you really depends on you. What fits your personality and life approach is likely the direction we'll end up heading.

My office is a private and dedicated space for you to understand yourself better, safely express your feelings and frustrations, learn new ways of coping, find new ways to communicate in your relationships and/or learn how to better utilize your strengths. The possibilities of growth in therapy are endless, it really depends on what you want to work on.



I support clients with many issues, listed are just a few of those:


Relationship Improvement

Relationship Loss/Divorce

Life Transitions

Feeling 'Stuck'


Anxiety & Worry

Working with Boundaries
Grief & Loss

Family of Origin issues

Communication in Relationships

Self-Esteem & Confidence

Chronic Pain

Feelings of Shame

Stress Management

Substance Abuse

Social & Professional Challenges

& other concerns

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