Interpersonal Relationship-based Counseling

When our relationships are going well, we tend to feel strong, supported and more able to reach our life goals. On the other hand, when our relationships are not going well, our world can be filled with feelings of insecurity and doubt. Relationships play a huge role in our daily happiness and feelings of

contentment (or unhappiness and discontentment).


I specialize in working with individuals who are looking to improve their personal relationships - whether that be in your marriage or romantic relationship, friendships, family or professional relationships.


Relationships can bring up many of our insecurities and trigger our deepest fears. Part of the work I do is to help you understand yourself, the places where you may feel vulnerable or wounded within the relationship as well as learning to set boundaries or stand up for yourself when the relationship calls for it.  The way we relate to others is often rooted in unconscious relational patterns and/or beliefs about ourselves combined with how we took in the world on our  journey to adulthood. It is in finding the delicate balance between both people in a relationship that we can gain clarity to see if this person is someone worth having in our lives. Sometimes it's in our best interest to end a relationship and other times the relationship is worth fighting for. Together we can examine your needs and desires for the relationship you are struggling with and find a path that works for you.


It can be easy to end up feeling 'stuck' in the patterns of a relationship and begin to feel discouraged or lost,  but there is opportunity for change. There is no reason to remain stuck in old patterns in your relationships. It is possible to learn new skills that can help improve your relationship, build trust and allow you to reconnect with others in a new way.

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